Research Lines

Culture and Art

The line of research in Culture and Art gathers theoretical and practical studies of culture and art as expressions of language. It addresses: 1) The relationship between Culture, Art and Memory, crossing through the classic, popular and contemporary; 2) Culture and the Inter-arts Dialogue; 3) Processes of artistic creation in the circle of production/reception of meanings.

Culture and Development

The line of research in Culture and Development gathers and stimulates studies aimed at understanding the complex relationships between culture, society and development. It seeks to investigate the multiple connections between society and culture development, as well as culture as an essential element for development. Through the contextual inscription of culture, this line embraces studies on the ideals, formulations, values, policies, institutions, management, funding, preservation, dissemination, promotion and consumption involved in the interaction between culture and development.

Culture and Identity

The line of research in Culture and Identity brings together studies on the social forms of identity assertion, as well as studies on the stereotyped forms of identity representation, considering their symbolic, imaginary or ideological aspects. Projects aimed at the description and analysis of discursive and image constructions related to criteria such as gender, activity, nationality, regionalism, ethnicity or religiosity are welcome.