Concentration Area

The establishing of the Program responded to the need for training in research and studies on culture within the area of concentration in Culture and Society and in three lines of research: Culture and Art, Culture and Development, Culture and Identity.
With the conclusion of the first class in 2007 (Master's students starting in 2005), activities directly related to the objectives and development of a multidisciplinary proposal for the study of culture progressed. Throughout these years of operation, the Program has directed its efforts towards its consolidation.
The insertion and impact of the Pós-Cultura line of concentration can be measured in several areas, such as cultural policies, discussions on cultural heritage, gender, sexuality and ethnic, and racial identities within the relationships between identities and arts and popular culture. Pós-Cultura is currently one of the largest centers of study and training in cultural policies in Brazil, and the same can be said in relation to the interfaces between culture, gender and sexuality.