The Doctorate Program

The aim is to continue the research and teaching education. The Program accepts 15 students annually in the area of concentration of Culture and Society, distributed in 3 (three) Lines of Research – Culture and Art, Culture and Development, and Culture and Identity. The student must take 24 credits (680 hours), of which 16 (272 hours) are compulsory subjects, and 12 (204 hours) correspond to optional subjects. It is possible to transfer credits from courses of other stricto sensu programs recognized by CAPES.  It is also part of the students' qualification their involvement with teaching activities in the Undergraduate Program (Teaching Practice). The Doctorate Program requires the writing of a thesis whose project must be submitted to a Qualifying Committee. The thesis consists of a supervised work defended before a board of examiners formed by the supervisor professor plus four members (two members of the Program’s faculty and two visiting professors). The deadline for the defense is up to 48 months.