The essential objective of post-culture is to train professors and/or researchers with a professional profile to perform academic and professional activities in their area of culture and society concentration. 
Based on the principles of interdisciplinarity, the program seeks to enable its students with excellence in order to exercise teaching, research, extension in universities and public and private colleges; In vocational, scientific and technological education institutes; And the basic education of public and private networks. 
The work extends to the broad environments of cultural development and management and their articulations in life in society, cooperating for advances and the production of knowledge through the active participation of their students, professors and graduates in scientific events and Publication of articles, books and periodicals; In addition to the constant exchange effectivated in the research groups that compose the post-culture.
It is also a significant challenge to provide students and graduates with a training that enables the systematization, development and orientation in research related to the area of culture and society, enhancing and disseminating, in this way, the Post-culture activities at the academic, national and international level.

Target Audience

Professionals from any areas interested in academic training at the master's and doctoral level to work in the interdisciplinary area of culture, both in scientific research and in the superior teaching profession.